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Large Wooden Keepsake Boxes for Sale - Perfect for Men and Women - Keep your mementos safe 

Thank you for visiting our Website. We are your internet destination for high quality handcrafted wood keepsake boxes. We offer a huge selection of standard size boxes for sale constructed with our tough dual construction method.

Please feel to take a look at our popular wood boxes. Each of our boxes comes sanded unfinished or you can choose 14 different colors.   

We are also experts in making custom keepsake boxes made to your exact specifications. If you can't find a standard size box you like, we have our Build a Box Workshop so you can create your own box. 

Examples of what types of keepsakes our boxes store

  • I have an ammo box style keepsake box for each of my 3 kids school and sports items. I like the rope handles and you can also get the ammo box style with an airtight lid to keep things safe.
  • Baseball card storage - there are some very expensive sets that belong in a keepsake box. 
  • One of my favorite keepsake box stories was from Arizona. The bright red cedar keepsake chest was to put all the Christmas stocking she was making for her grand kids. 
  • If you are a writer or an artist having a box for those important works you have done makes a lot of sense. The rugged construction of each of our boxes or crates keeps things safe in the inside. 
  • I invite you to take a look at the videos and pictures I have taken so you can get to know what North Rustic Design is all about. We believe in quality and products that last a lifetime. You can watch my videos on boxes here