Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you run your business out of your basement and garage?

  • When we first started we are proud to say we did. Now we have 4 employees a new manufacturing facility with ample storage and production space and a Forklift.

How strong are your products?

  • All of our products use a dual construction method of tough water-proof wood glue and gage nails(they are small and strong)
  • The combination of quality 3/4 inch pure pine, dual construction, and years of experience making 1000's of wood products make products from North Rustic Design second to none. 

How long before I will get my order?

  • We pride ourselves on shipping fast. Depending on where your live from 1-4 business days. You can look at our delivery chart for more detailed information.

How many products have you shipped online?

  • We have shipped 1000's of our various high quality products. People order directly from our website for smaller retail orders and for larger wholesale and all custom orders, we use Paypal as our invoicing and merchant processor. 

What are the different ways I can order  your products?

  • Most orders come directly from our website with Paypal as the credit card processor. You don't have to be a member to use Paypal and they are the industry leader in online transactions. You may also complete your order online and send a check if you would like. If you have any questions we are here to take your phone call at 715-563-0580. 

Do you make custom wood crates?

  • If one of our 30 standard sizes wood crates doesn't work please email us at with the size: Length x Width x Height, quantity and color option for your crates. 

What types of wood boxes do you sell?

How long does it take for larger wholesale orders of 50-100 or more boxes and crates take?

  • each order is different, but typically from 3-5 days(not business days, because we work weekends.) we tell you before you place your larger order. 

What is your largest single order?

  • 1250 Dark Walnut wood crates 

What are the differences between wood crates and wood centerpieces?

  • wood crates have slatted sides and our 3-slate and 4-slate crates are slatted all around. 
  • wood centerpieces are used for table centerpieces and often times are used to put flowers and other decorations in for weddings. 
  • wooden crates and wood centerpieces can serve the same function, it just kind of depends on the style you are looking for. 
  • on price wood crates are more time consuming to make so the price is slightly higher than buying our wood centerpieces. 
  • both of products, centerpieces and crates are made with our tough dual construction method and sanded to perfection.

Do you have any interesting stories about your wood products?

  • being a history person, I am especially proud of some of our custom ammo crates being featured in the Tuskegee Airmen Exhibit. 
  • some of our wooden crates where used in a music video set in the 1920's Bootlegger Theme
  • I store all of my 3 kids school/sports items in various boxes 
  • We make each one with great care, package, ship quickly, and then they arrive at your door. 
  • you can see some of our custom wood ammo boxes in the T.V. Show Bluff

How did you think up all these products?

  • we started out a very young age making tree stands and all sorts of stuff out of wood. Then we went to college and somehow ended up with a masters degree in history. The Chippewa Valley is home to a very historic lumbering past. You also got to be good at math. When you take wood and math you get all the products of North Rustic Design. Here is a link to the Paul Bunyan Museum in my hometown, Eau Claire Wi.