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Cedar Wood Planter Boxes for Sale 


  • Not only do we have the three sizes of Cedar Planters available to the left we also do Custom Cedar Planters
  • We offer large cedar planters with castor/wheels for movement on hard surfaces - perfect for gardening in the city. 
  • All of our planters are built with 3/4 pure Western Cedar
  • We personally deliver within a 50 mile radius of Eau Claire Wisconsin. 

 We constructed our 1st cedar planter boxes for our own personal use. We are lifelong craftsmen the use 3/4 inch Western Cedar and 100% solid brass accessories.  

In my personal raised garden, I have incorporated two planter boxes to put a couple Blueberry Bushes in. It is easy for my children to get at the berries, they get better sun and drainage, and it is the perfect height for the elderly gardeners.

My grandmother has a couple on her deck where she puts some flowers and tomatoes. They look great and they last. Cedar Planter Boxes are a very functional addition to a patio, where space is very limited.

Cedar Planter boxes are perfect for the gardener who has limited space or for the gardener who wants to have just a few plants. Cedar planter boxes allow anyone with even a little extra space to garden and add something that looks great.