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  • Please contact us for shipping information. It ranges from 50-$200 depending on size of chest and where you live. 


  • Please contact us for shipping information. It ranges from 50-$200 depending on size of chest and where you live. 
  • Shipping is paid in a separate invoice once your cedar chest has shipped. 
Cedar Chests

Why a Cedar Chest from North Rustic Designs? 

If you are looking for a cedar chest, you have the found the right place. At we specialize in high quality cedar chests that are all hand-crafted, precision cut, sanded and stained one at a time. Our cedar chests are constructed with 3/4 inch pure Western Cedar using 100% Brass accessories. You will not find the same level of craftsmanship, durability, and quality from any big box retailer. All of our cedar chests are proudly hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from a family owned business. We pride ourselves on 100% complete customer satisfaction.  and if you don't see what you like we also make custom cedar chests, feel free to call us at 715-563-0580.  

"The Cedar Chest I ordered my wife for her wedding present was great. The quality and on-time delivery made it the best gift we got at our wedding" -Nick in D.C.- 

The Different uses of a Cedar Chest 

Buying a cedar chest is money well spent and cedar chests are a wonderful wedding, graduation, or special occasion gift because they truly last a lifetime.

They come in all shapes and sizes. From mini cedar chests, mid sized cedar chests, to large cedar chests, giving a cedar chest as a gift will be a memorable gift for the recipient. We also over engraving on small plaques to mark the special occasion.

Cedar Chests are great for storage. With a removable tray you can store items above and below in your cedar chest. A beautiful cedar chest at the end of your bed is a great place to store blankets and other items you want kept safe from bugs and pests.

Cedar Chests also are an extremely popular choice for cabin storage. The classic style of a cedar chest adds a visual appeal to any room you put one in. When your guests show up at your cabin and you need to take out the fold up bed or turn the couch into a bed, just open up your Chest and the bedding and blankets will be in great shape.

Another use for them is for deck storage. Our handcrafted chests are available in a rough cut, perfectly sanded in a light or dark stain. They look great on your deck and are a perfect place to store your grilling or gardening supplies.  Our Chests have a classic style and are known for their longevity, and compared to plastic storage containers, they win hands down. Simply put, a chest look great on a deck, porch or patio.

If you have a boathouse or screen house by the water, a cedar chest will keep your life jackets and flotation devices safe from the elements, bugs, and other pests. All of my life jackets and flotation devices go in a cedar chest in my screen house and I have never had a problem. When it is time to go by the water my kids and relatives know where to look, in the cedar chest.


Cedar Deck Boxes

Our custom made Cedar Deck Boxes are handcrafted one at a time using 3/4 inch Western Cedar. Our Cedar Deck Boxes stand above other Cedar Deck Boxes, simply put, our craftsmanship makes a better Deck Box. All of our accessories are 100% Solid Brass.
Cedar is the absolute perfect choice for a deck box. Not only will a high quality cedar deck box look great, Cedar is naturally weather, bug and pest resistant. The longevity of cedar means, your cedar deck box will look great 10, 20, 30+ years later.
You can store items that you want to be kept safe from the weather and pests.  

Cedar Deck Boxes are perfect of storing:
  1. Bird Seed
  2. Grilling Supplies
  3. Gardening Supplies
  4. Life Jackets
  5. Seasonal Items . . . and more!

 Cedar Cabin Storage Chests 

 One battle every cabin owner faces is when they are gone for an extended period of time, will any bugs or other pests wreck havoc. It is a well know fact that mice head to the warmth of a cabin in the cold months and look for items to make bedding with. The solution to your Cabin Storage needs is a Pure Cedar Cabin Storage Chest.

A cabin storage chest from will makes sure all your bedding and other sensitive materials will be safe from pests.

A cabin storage chest should serve several important purposes:
  • Keep what you put in it safe
  • Look great in your cabin
  • Last a very long time

A cedar chest is the perfect choice for cabin storage chest. All of our cabin storage chests are made with 3/4 inch pure Western Cedar, along with 100% Brass Accessories. Each of our cabin storage chests is handcrafted one at a time. 
We offer our cabin storage chests in a rough cut finish, sanded and stained, either light or dark. We are proud to be a small family owned business and our goal is complete customer satisfaction.  We process your order, build your cedar storage chest exactly how you want it and create a beautiful work of art.

The History of Hope Chests 

Traditionally in the United States and England, you women would prepare for the married life by stockpiling important items in a Hope or Cedar Chest. Using cedar to construct these chests was important because of the stockings and other linens the young bride to be would store in them. 

Cedar Chests where often a present of choice from a husband to his new bride. The naturally bug resistant properties of pure cedar wood make chests a safe place to store a wedding dress and all the delicate items from the wedding. 

The Lane Cedar Chest company is the name everyone remembers from the 1940's. They had a great success in marketing their chests to GI's during World War II as a way for their brides to "start a home" when their loved one returned. 

Here is a nice article from the Virginia Historical Society

You can read more about the history of Hope Chests from Wikipedia here