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Cedar Boxes for Sale - 124 Different Sizes - Unfinished or Finished - Color Options - 100% Brass Accessories Personalized Engraving - Handles 

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Great Cedar Boxes 

All of our cedar boxes are still made one at a time with quality cedar and craftsmanship.  You will not find the quality of cedar and craftsmanship that we use in a cheaper cedar box from any big box retailer.  Are cedar boxes are a great addition to any room or deck area.  We offer a standard line of cedar boxes, cedar deck boxes, and mini wood containers.  Have a custom cedar order? Let our 20 years of custom cedar woodworking make your custom design a reality.From rough cut cedar boxes, cedar deck storage boxes, to a cedar box with a tray, our cedar boxes are available in a light and dark stain, hand sanded to perfection.  Let take care of needs when you are looking for a cedar box.


What are the Qualities of Cedar Boxes? 


  • Cedar Boxes are naturally bug resistant and have a wonderful smell, cedar boxes are a great place to store your keepsake and other sensitive materials.  
  • Quality hand crafted cedar products last.  They are a great gift because they will last a person a lifetime.
  • They look great in the a natural rough cut finish and we offered sanded stained options for a more modern feel.
  • Made with 3/4 inch Cedar and handcrafted to perfection, when you feel our cedar products, you feel quality.