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We are located between Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls Wisconsin.  These towns were built on wood.  Before the spread of railroads, pine logs were shipped using the Chippewa River and is what gave Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls their identities. In our fast-paced modern world, at Cedar-Box.com, we still make our Cedar Boxes and other products the old fashion way, one at a time.  Our superb craftsmanship and years of Cedar Woodworking make Cedar-Box.com your trusted internet source for high quality wood products.  From rough cut cedar planter boxes, stained and sanded keepsake and recipe boxes, custom Cedar Boxes, a huge selection of wood crates, and unfinished craft boxes, each of products is given the same high quality level of dedication and care.   


We take our businesses very seriously and provide quality products and customer service. Our business is called North Rustic Design and our websites are 

www.cedar-box.com (the website you are on)




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They are actually in Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, and 5th now, but I just can't change the picture. 

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