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Proud supplier of Movable Cedar Garden Planters for the Grace Lutheran Foundation. Gardening is good for the soul.

Welcome to North Rustic Design - We are proud manufacturers of a wide variety of high quality built to last generational wood boxes and wooden crates. 

 Free Shipping on all Box orders via Fedex Ground 

Welcome to The online home of North Rustic Design. We offer a variety of handcrafted wood products proudly made in Eau Claire Wisconsin. As a family owned business we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. 

We are proud manufacturers of high quality wooden products. We sell many style of wood boxes and wooden crates, all available in 14 different colors. All of our products include free shipping. We hope you find what you are looking for.  

You can watch the short little video I made that highlights:

  • wood choices on all our products
  • finishing options for all our products
The quality of our products really shines through in this video

 We take great pride in each and every wood product we make.

  1. We hand select only the highest quality wood 
  2. Next we handcraft each wood box and sand to perfection
  3. We only use 100% brass accessories.
  4. We personally answer all customer questions
  5. Fast shipping via Fedex and packaged with care
Unlike businesses who buy mass produced products from a factory or don't even handle the products themselves (drop shippers) at North Rustic Designs we hold ourselves personally responsible for every product we sell. After years of living in the heart of Lumber country and selling our products across the U.S.A. we know how to give our customers 100% satisfaction. 

If you are looking for a custom wood box you have found the right place. We offer many different sizes and styles of unfinished wood boxes. Our unfinished wood boxes are available in 3/4 inch Select Pine and 3/4 pure Western Cedar. Our boxes are popular as craft wood boxes, 

 If you would rather see the quality of our products you can view the fast moving slideshow below.

"The Cedar Chest I ordered my wife for our wedding present was great. The quality of it and the on-time delivery made it the best gift we got at our wedding " -Nick in D.C.-

Liability Disclosure-The products of North Rustic Design are intended for d├ęcor and common sense storing uses only. The buyer of our products releases any liability whatever for damages and injuries etc. from how the buyer or entity uses our products.